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The CBD Wholesaler is the go-to site for everything related to buying CBD products in bulk. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best CBD products, with unbeatable prices and fast delivery. We deliver to the whole of France, but not only: if you live in Luxembourg, you can also take advantage of all our know-how!

Our catalog of wholesale CBD oils delivered in Luxembourg

As a CBD wholesaler in Luxembourg, we offer the highest quality CBD oils. This product range also includes CBN and CBG oils!

Our catalog of CBD flowers in bulk delivered in Luxembourg

If you want to order CBD flowers in large quantities, you are at the right place. Indeed, The CBD Wholesaler gives you the choice between many varieties of flowers grown in a 100% natural way!

Our catalog of CBD resins in bulk delivered in Luxembourg

The CBD Wholesaler invites you to discover its CBD resins made with the greatest care. You will find here the most popular varieties with the users!

Legal regulations on the purchase of CBD in Luxembourg

The sale of CBD is entirely legal in Luxembourg. The maximum authorized level of THC is 0.3% per product, as in France. More globally, the law of July 20, 2018 moreover authorizes the use of cannabis for medical purposes. This favorable legislation was notably put in place for certain categories of patients, including those suffering from the effects caused by chemotherapy or multiple sclerosis.

More recently, the government of Xavier Bettel took the decision in October 2021 to allow the recreational use of cannabis. Thus, Luxembourgers will soon be able to consume and cultivate cannabis in the private sphere. These new measures should come into force by the end of 2022.

The government of the Grand Duchy plans nevertheless to establish a strict framework to this decriminalization: only the trade of seeds will be authorized while each citizen will be able to possess only 4 cannabis plants at his home. In case of violation of the new law, a fine of 145 € is foreseen for those who consume or possess more than 3 grams of cannabis outside the private sphere.

Regulatory products in Luxembourg

If the sale of CBD is perfectly legal in Luxembourg, it falls within a very specific framework. Each product must have a THC level lower or equal to 0.3%. To allow you to consume CBD legally in Luxembourg, the CBD Wholesaler shows the greatest transparency regarding the composition of its products.

Indeed, we test each product with an independent laboratory to ensure that the THC level is in accordance with the legislation in force. We have chosen the Laboratoire d'Étude et d'Analyses des Fluides (LEAF) as our partner. You will find the results of the analysis of each product inside your package or by going directly to our site. This will allow you to know exactly what is in the products you have ordered!

Products from organic agriculture

We always select our partners with great care. For example, we have visited the facilities of many CBD farms in order to select only the best of them. Among the essential criteria, we want to offer you only products from organic farming.

We therefore attach great importance to the conditions of production and manufacturing. CBD products must be designed with respect for the environment and free of the slightest trace of pesticides or GMOs. In this way, we give you the opportunity to order completely natural products! The results of the analysis will allow you to know the other ingredients used apart from the CBD.

Products at the best prices

With Le Grossiste CBD, you will be able to order in large quantities from Luxembourg. This bulk purchase of CBD will allow you to protect yourself against the possible risk of a stock shortage, but not only that: you will make considerable savings on the price of the products per unit.
The CBD Wholesaler offers the best products at extremely attractive prices, which allows you to consider more consistent margins. In addition, we put in place new promotions every week to thank you for your loyalty. Concerning the routing of the parcels, it should be specified that the delivery is offered to you from 250 euros of purchases.

Frequently asked questions

Can CBD be sold in Luxembourg?

The sale of CBD is entirely legal in Luxembourg, provided that the THC content does not exceed 0.3% per product. You can therefore buy CBD by going to a physical store or by ordering from an online store. As a CBD wholesaler in Luxembourg, we only offer products that comply with the legislation in force.

How quickly can we deliver Luxembourg?

We ship each order within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Deliveries to Luxembourg are made via the carrier Mondial Relay. It generally takes between 4 and 6 working days for the package to be delivered to the relay point you have chosen.

Why buy wholesale CBD in Luxembourg?

By buying CBD in bulk on The CBD Wholesaler, you will be able to order certified and organically grown products, all at extremely attractive prices per unit. Ordering in large quantities also allows you to protect yourself against the risk of a possible stock shortage. We are committed to offering you the best CBD products on the market and to delivering your order as soon as possible.

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