Vape Pen CBD - Amnesia
Vape Pen CBD - Amnesia
Vape Pen CBD - Amnesia
Vape Pen CBD - Amnesia
Vape Pen CBD - Amnesia
Vape Pen CBD - Amnesia
Vape Pen CBD - Amnesia
Vape Pen CBD - Amnesia

Vape Pen CBD - Amnesia

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Description of the Vape Pen CBD Amnesia

The CBD Wholesaler is pleased to introduce its newest collection of CBD Pens made from a full spectrum distillate extracted from the entire hemp plant.

The vape pen CBD is the accessory you need. First, because it is highly concentrated in CBD and other cannabinoids (65% CBD, CBG and CBN). Only a few puffs are enough to give you an immediate feeling of well-being;

Secondly, because it is discreet, compact and can be taken anywhere;

Finally, because it is ready to use and ultra simple to use.

🌿 Origin Switzerland
🌱Cannabinoid levels 50% CBD, 10% CBG and 5% CBN
💧 Capacity 2 ml
🍭 Flavors Eucalyptus, pine and lavender
👩⚕️ Lifetime 600 puffs
Battery Rechargeable micro USB
🚚 Delivery Colissimo or Mondial Relais delivered within 48 to 72 hours
🌍 Country of Delivery France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg
💳 Secure Payment Credit card : American express, Mastercard, Visa


Vape Pen CBD Amnesia: L'Amnesia CBD est une souche de cannabis légendaire qui ne se présente plus. Il s’agit d’une version légèrement plus florale que le Vape Pen Afghan Hash CBD. Les subtils arômes d’eucalyptus, de pin et de lavande équilibrent parfaitement le caractère plus herbacé du chanvre.

Un extrait de chanvre CBD d’une qualité extra.
Composé d’un distillat hautement concentré en cannabinoïdes, à base d’extraits de chanvre premium, le CBD Pen présente des arômes naturels de résine et de fleur de cannabis, tout en respectant le taux maximum de THC autorisé (<0.3%).

The extraction method used results in a highly refined CBD oil with a high concentration of cannabinoids. The distillate of CBD contained in the vape Pen CBD thus contains 50% of CBD, 10% of CBG and 5% of CBN. The CBD distillate also includes, in lesser proportions, other natural cannabinoids and terpenes, which maximize the effects.

CBD Distillate - what is it?
The CBD distillate used to make CBD Pens is undoubtedly one of the most refined forms of CBD.

Because of its high concentration of cannabinoids, one or two puffs are enough to give you an immediate feeling of well-being.

Due to its high quality refinement, CBD distillate does not contain any impurities. The method of consumption, which consists in vaping the distillate and not smoking it, is moreover the most respectful for health.

The purity of the distillate and the absence of combustion make the Mama Kana CBD vape pen one of the safest ways to consume CBD.


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