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Tropicale Haze [Hydroponics]
Tropicale Haze [Hydroponics]
Tropicale Haze [Hydroponics]
Tropicale Haze [Hydroponics]

Tropicale Haze [Hydroponics]

  • 8,90€

Supplier Tropical Haze grown in hydroponics

Our Tropical Haze CBD is carefully grown in a hydroponic environment, guaranteeing superior quality and unique characteristics. This indoor cultivation allows precise control of growing conditions, delivering an exceptional experience.

As soon as you open the bottle, you'll be greeted by a powerful fragrance of exotic fruits. The intense aromas evoke a blend of tropical fruits, creating a dynamic and enchanting olfactory experience. These exotic flavors bring a tangy, invigorating touch to every inhalation, enlivening your senses and offering a captivating liveliness.

The combination of these fruity, exotic and tangy aromas creates an outstanding taste experience. Our Tropical Haze CBD is the ideal choice for those in search of a stimulating and dynamic cannabis strain, with sunny fragrances that evoke the most vibrant tropical regions.

Thanks to its high-quality hydroponic cultivation and intense aromas, our Tropical Haze CBD offers a remarkable taste experience that transports you to faraway lands with every puff. This variety is a real invitation to discover exotic, invigorating flavours.

Specially selected by us, the Amnesia flowers that we offer have received special attention and are among the tastiest of the French market.

All our photos are pictures of the flowers you will receive. 

🌿 Origin Flower grown in Italy
🌱 Type Culture


🍭 Flavors Tropical fruit, tangy and invigorating
🚚 Delivery Colissimo or Mondial Relais delivered within 48 to 72 hours
🌍 Country of Delivery France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Greece and Finland
💳 Secure Payment Credit card : Visa, Mastercard and American express
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THC level lower than 0.2%. 

Product prohibited to minors. 🔞

Unbeatable quality/price

100% natural without terpenes

Laboratory analysis

French independent laboratory

Express Delivery

Shipping within 24 hours in France

French Company

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