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Mandarin [Hydroponics]
Mandarin [Hydroponics]
Mandarin [Hydroponics]
Mandarin [Hydroponics]

Mandarin [Hydroponics]

  • 8,90€

Supplier Hydroponically grown mandarins

Our Mandarin CBD is precision-grown using state-of-the-art hydroponic methods to ensure optimum quality. This controlled cultivation approach guarantees an exceptional experience from start to finish.

When you discover our Mandarin CBD, you'll immediately be seduced by its powerful tangerine fragrance. The tangy citrus aromas evoke the freshness and vivacity of ripe mandarins. This variety offers a lively, stimulating olfactory experience that evokes the scent of a citrus orchard in midsummer.

The combination of mandarin and citrus flavors creates a unique taste experience, with a tangy touch that awakens the taste buds. Our Mandarin CBD is the ideal choice for those looking to enjoy a flower with intense, refreshing aromas, evoking the flavours of the most succulent citrus fruits.

Thanks to its high-quality hydroponic cultivation and powerful aromas, our Mandarin CBD offers a unique experience that blends a touch of acidity with the sweetness of citrus. This variety is an invitation to a dynamic taste journey, brightening every puff with its sunny mandarin scent.

Specially selected by us, the Amnesia flowers that we offer have received special attention and are among the tastiest of the French market.

All our photos are pictures of the flowers you will receive. 

🌿 Origin Flower grown in Italy
🌱 Type Culture


🍭 Flavors   Lemony with notes of pine and sweet fruit
🚚 Delivery Colissimo or Mondial Relais delivered within 48 to 72 hours
🌍 Country of Delivery France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg
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THC level lower than 0.2%. 

Product prohibited to minors. 🔞

Unbeatable quality/price

100% natural without terpenes

Laboratory analysis

French independent laboratory

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Shipping within 24 hours in France

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