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Why choose to buy our CBD puff in bulk?

Discreet, light and easy to use, there is more than one good reason to buy our wholesale CBD puff. Quality is at the heart of our policy at The Wholesale CBD. All of our CBD vape pens are available with flavored (strawberry) or no-flavored refills to delight even the pickiest of palates. We have chosen to develop our CBD puff with two of the best varieties of cannabis on the market, the Afghan Hash and Amnesia. Our puffs are recharged in highly concentrated full spectrum CBD distillate (50% CBD, 10% CBG and 5% CBN).

Compact, our CBD puffs are very easy to use and do not require any material investment, you don't even need to load, the device is sold precharged! Just inhale the CBD-rich vapour from the notch provided and you'll feel the first effects almost instantly. The first effects would be almost instantaneous.

What is a puffCBD?

If you've heard of puffs, you may know the principle. If not, a puff is a small disposable preloaded device that has a tank containing a liquid, flavored or not, the latter contains or not nicotine (our CBD puffs are 100% nicotine-free). We also know the puffs under the name of vape pens. These devices are very compact and are similar to small pens or sticks.

A CBD puff is based on the same format and works like any other vape pens. In fact, the tank of a CBD puff is filled with cannabidiol distillate. Thus, this mode of consumption is similar to vaping. Indeed, it is necessary to inspire gently on the device then to inhale the produced vapor which is loaded with active ingredients. Guaranteed without combustion, a puff CBD makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol in an almost instantaneous way.

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