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Prohibition of certain cannabis molecules in France

Ban on THCP, HHCPO, H4CBD and other cannabinoids On May 22, 2024, the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM)...

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How to read a certificate of analysis for CBD products?

Most cannabidiol products come with a certificate of analysis. Several items of information are included, and the consumer should be familiar with their meaning. If you...

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H4CBD, the complete guide

Discover H4CBD: A Complete Guide H4CBD, a promising alternative in the field of wellness, is attracting more and more interest. In this...

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CBD, CBG, CBN, HHC, what differences between these cannabinoids ...

Studies have shown that hemp consists of more than 500 active elements. Among them, there are cannabinoids. In all and...

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How to open a CBD store in France?

Cannabidiol would increase the well-being of the consumer and relieve his pain. Given the daily pressure of everyone, it has become one more substance...

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How to become a CBD producer?

You will finally start producing CBD (Cannabidiol). How to become a hemp and CBD producer in France? It is at this...

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How is CBD extracted from hemp?

Hemp oil extraction is the process of obtaining CBD extract from hemp leaves. There are different methods that offer different results...

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How to find your CBD supplier?

You have finally embarked on your project: becoming a CBD vendor. After preparing your business plan, you'll have to take care of your business...

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For the summer sales, The Wholesaler offers to the professionals of the CBD until 50% of discount on all the site._________ From 0.39€ the gram

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Steps to open an online CBD store

If you want to get into the CBD business, creating an online store is an important step. To know everything about the steps...

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Why are laboratories essential in the CBD industry?

Biotechnological research, controlled manufacturing, drastic hygiene measures, quality analysis and testing, regulated marketing... The CBD industry is similar in every way to the pharmaceutical field. Can you...

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Why get into the CBD business? The key figures and...

The idea has been in the back of your mind for quite some time: you want to make your dream come true and get into the CBD (Cannabidiol) business...

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